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Stand on leaf Safety

41.50 excl. BTW per maand

  • Lease prijs geldt bij contract voor minimaal 1 jaar.
  • Verkrijgbaar in de kleuren: zwart, blauw, groen en wit
  • Overige kleuren op aanvraag
  • Inclusief leaf trays (3 stuks)
  • Inclusief montage
  • Inclusief plexiglas
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Stand alone Leaf basins come in three different lengths and widths. These solutions offer a subtle way to green your interior, since they can be stand whenever you want inside!

Leaf stands for: Let’s Expand A Forest.

With every Leaf tray sold, we will donate € 2,50 to a reforestation project. This means that when we work together, we will not only extend greenery to your specific location, but also somewhere else in the world!

Leaf is a plug-and-play solution for indoor and outdoor greenery. We grow plants in modular trays which can be placed into a variety of furniture solutions. Once resting in their new home, the plants have comfortable access to the integrated water basin, and just incase there is not enough daylight, their home can be can even be set up with artificial-lights. The right combination of light and water will keep these plants happy and healthy.

We have designed a broad range of indoor and outdoor solutions to house the Leaf tray. Each solution includes a water basin that fits the 40 cm x 30 cm x 13 cm Leaf tray which can optionally be equipped with grow-lights.


90 cm


40 cm


80 cm


Black, Blue, Green, White


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